Hammett Ghostwriting Services (HGS)

Manuscript Editing

Every book needs to be edited. Whether you're advanced in your career or a beginner, your rough draft needs to be competently edited before it reaches the literary marketplace.Abuse and Betrayal by Richard Joseph, edited by William Hammett

If your manuscript is in reasonably good shape, I can perform a line edit and correct grammatical mistakes, punctuation, and other minor errors.

Perhaps your book needs developmental editing. If so, I'll not only correct the grammatical errors, but I'll also smooth out awkward phrasing, eliminate non-standard usage, provide transitions, eliminate repetition, and reorganize portions of your text as needed. In short, I'll make your rough draft into a polished book that meets the standards of the publishing industry.

The most common editorial work I do involves trimming the fat from extremely long manuscripts, turning them into fast-paced page-turners.

Even the work of the most successful authors in publishing is edited before it goes to press. Give your work a competitive edge by having it professionally edited. I'll provide a free evaluation of the manuscript, and, if we work together, I'll get it in fighting trim and ready for publication or submission to agents.