Hammett Ghostwriting Services (HGS)

Experience Counts

I've spent many years writing, lecturing, editing, and ghostwriting. Here are a few of the benefits I can bring to your project, both fiction and nonfiction.

  • I know how the publishing industry works and I've edited magazines, newsletters, company publications, and books. I work with editors and publishers to help authors finish their manuscripts or get them in fighting trim through expert editing

  • I know how literary agents select clients and I know what sells. I've published novels, as well as short stories and poetry in literary journals.

  • I can adjust my prose style from casual to formal. I can write a humorous light-hearted book, or I can write a book on business, academia, or science. My ability to adjust my style to the project at hand ensures a perfect fit for your topic.

  • For fiction, I am comfortable in most genres and can employ the literary style you're looking for.

  • For nonfiction, your unique voice and personal style will be captured to deliver a professionally written manuscript.

Thousands of people have become "ghostwriters" by answering Internet ads to "work at home." Don't trust the poorly written resumés posted on ghostwriting "clearinghouse" websites. Contact a writer with experience.