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Ghostwriting Fiction and Nonfiction

Street Magic by William HammettWriting fiction is a complex and labor-intensive job. A good novelist must be able to address narrative pace, foreshadowing, characterization, and style. Most of all, the words need to sing in order to captivate the reader so that he or she will keep turning the pages. Writing a novel is like making a great pot of gumbo or bouillabaisse. The right ingredients must be added, and in just the right proportion at the right time. Also, the most talented ghostwriters are able to write in different genres and adopt the narrative style desired by a given client. Going one step further, a great writer can help in ghostwriting a series of novels in a specific genre. Click here to read more about ghostwriting a series.

One Hell of a Ride by Lou FedericoWriting nonfiction calls for a superior ability to grasp the topic and subject matter of the book, whether it be on science, health, adventure, travel, your memoir, business, or dozens of other subjects. For nonfiction, a writer must be able to correctly frame the goal of a book, organize it logically, and use a prose style that complements the topic. It's a task that only the most professional writers can execute successfully. The rewards of reading a great nonfiction book can be considerable, however, and many such books can change people's lives.

If you have an idea for a book of fiction or nonfiction, send me a query by email. I'll be happy to discuss it. You might also be interested in reading my writing samples. Click here.