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Ghostwriting Marketplaces

Maybe you've seen the websites for ghostwriting marketplaces when you do a Google search for "ghostwriter." These marketplaces claim that all of the best ghostwriters are on their sites (via posted resumes), with writers willing to author books for just a few dollars. Here's the sad truth. The people who post their resumes on those sites are amateurs who write at an educational level between grades 7 and 10. Almost every resume on these sites contains five or more grammatical errors. If someone can't write a single paragraph, how can he or she author an entire book?

Would you ask a medical student from a non-accredited medical school in the Caribbean to perform your bypass surgery? These ghostwriting marketplaces do not have the best ghostwriters! As a former university instructor, I doubt if they could pass high school English. They're amateurs and moonlighters trying to work from home and are not professional writers. Don't be fooled by the used car salesmen of the publishing world. You get what you pay for.

The top ten most common mistakes found in their resumes are as follows:

  1. Failure to use capital letters for proper names and the first words of sentences
  2. Failure to use commas and periods and question marks
  3. Misspellings
  4. Failure to recognize paragraph breaks
  5. Subject-verb agreement errors and run-on sentences
  6. Faulty punctuation
  7. Incorrect word choices
  8. Poor diction
  9. Awkward phrasing
  10. Omitted words

If you want to receive a quality manuscript, hire a professional writer. Get it done right the first time!

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