Hammett Ghostwriting Services (HGS)

Services and Fees


Your characters will come to life in an engaging plot that rings true with realistic dialogue. The compelling narrative will hook readers and keep them turning the pages. If your book is nonfiction, I will make it professional, organized, and perfect for your target audience. I am a "prose stylist," an expert in finding the right narrative voice for the dream you wish to put into print.

William Hammett Editing

Many manuscripts need the fat trimmed. Others need to have the gaps filled in, the chapters reorganized, and the style enhanced. I'll polish it to a high luster, and, in the process, I'll make your sentences flow smoothly as I eliminate awkwardness, repetition, and grammatical errors. Through competent editing, I'll make a good book into a great one.

Book Proposals

To sell nonfiction, an author needs an outstanding book proposal for presentation to editors or agents. I'll craft your book proposal in order to highlight your manuscript's unique qualities and make it competitive in the tough literary marketplace.


Fees for ghostwriting and editing depend on the length and complexity of the manuscript. Please note that I do not work for royalties.

Beware of ghostwriters who charge extremely low prices and do not produce professional and well-written work. For example, resumes for numerous ghostwriters listed with Upwork and the other freelance ghostwriting marketplaces are riddled with grammatical errors, awkward phrasing, and missing punctuation. If a resume contains such errors, what is the likelihood that your finished manuscript will? Click here for more information on ghostwriting marketplaces.

Would you trust a mechanic to replace your vehicle's brakes for some ridiculously low price? Or a doctor to remove your appendix for $10 an hour? In the same way, you get what you pay for when hiring a ghostwriter.