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Most ghostwriters have no formal training in the craft, and many don't even have college diplomas. If they do, their degrees are usually unrelated to writing, publishing, or literature.

I was academically trained in writing, editing, research, textual analysis, and all periods and styles of literature. I received masters degrees in English and Education. I'm not just a good writer; I'm a writer who has studied the very foundations of narrative story-telling.

My apprenticeship while I taught writing and literature at local universities included writing newspaper and magazine articles. I also held editorial positions for newsletters, magazines, company publications, and corporate promotional literature.

I then published poetry and short stories in respected literary journals around the country. I also published novels under my own name, and some of these may be found on Amazon although some are now out of print.

I'm accredited by the Association of Ghostwriters and The National Association of Independent Writers and Editors. Only a small percentage of those who call themselves ghostwriters have the extensive literary background described above. If you want a book that's professionally written, then hire someone with professional credentials.

You can read more about my background at About William Hammett.

You are invited to download your free copy of my book How to Hire a Ghostwriter from this site.

 William Hammett

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Only 4% of those who call themselves ghostwriters are qualified to write a book. If you're not familiar with publishing or online ghostwriting, you'll probably choose the wrong writer. Discover the realities of an industry that has no regulation or oversight.

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