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The fee for a book-length manuscript depends upon its length and complexity.

I'll be happy to provide a quote after I learn about the details of your book, including its proposed length, whether it's fiction or nonfiction, your publishing goals, and whether research or telephone interviews will be necessary.

My pledge is to charge a fair, professional fee based on the time it takes to write your book – and not a penny more.


Many ghostwriters and companies promise to charge you less if you'll shorten your book, but limiting the length of your manuscript will seriously compromise your ideas.

In publishing, a book is as long as it needs to be.

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Never get a price quote from a sales rep or project manager at a ghostwriting company. Always insist on speaking directly to a writer.

When you contact me, you'll speak to the person who will actually write your book!

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To learn more about what I can bring to your project, please visit my Services page.

I also invite you to download your free copy of my book How to Hire a Ghostwriter.

Dream big.

Write a book.



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Only 4% of those who call themselves ghostwriters are qualified to write a book. If you're not familiar with publishing or online ghostwriting, you'll probably choose the wrong writer. Discover the realities of an industry that has no regulation or oversight. Download your free copy of How To Hire a Ghostwriter to gain valuable information and save thousands of dollars. Get an insider's view of a little-understood profession and the knowledge you need to select the right ghost.

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