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When I browse the many ghostwriting websites on the internet, they all look the same. Ghostwriters and companies give their visitors the same pitch, and they do so in prose that is repetitious and uninspiring.

"We're industry leaders!"

"Our staff includes the very best authors!"

"Packages start at $10,000!"

These sites, corporate or individual, don't say a great deal about the writing process. Yes, they talk about finding the perfect writer for you and promise that you'll get a polished manuscript that has been evaluated or edited by their book gurus, but they don't spend any time explaining creativity, composition, or language. It's necessary, of course, to tell potential clients what they'll be paying for, but site visitors are told virtually nothing about how ghostwriters actually work. Who are they, why did they choose to become writers, how many books have they published, and what inspires them.

And most sites don't spend any time discussing the realities of publishing or what a tough and elite industry it is. (Such talk might scare you away.) Selling books, whether self-published or mainstream published, is hard. Securing an agent is equally difficult.

I've designed this site to tell you about myself and my work. I list my qualifications, services, and credits like everyone else, but if you read these pages carefully, you'll see that I dive below the surface so that you can get a feel for who I am. And just as importantly, I want you to gain a deeper understanding of what publishing and ghostwriting are all about.

On this site (and in my book How to Hire a Ghostwriter, offered free in the sidebar) you'll find discussion of famous authors, how great books were written, and how the creative process varies from writer to writer. You'll also learn about literary agencies, how books are acquired by traditional publishers, licensing and accreditation of ghostwriters, self-publishing, contracts, the editorial process, royalties, and in-depth success stories by past clients. You'll also discover a few secrets that some writers don't want you to know about.

And you'll get to know me, William Hammett. I tell all prospective clients about books I've written under my own name, how I got started, how long I've been writing, my editorial experience, and what I bring to the table that a majority of other ghosts don't.

I hope you'll browse this site and download your free copy of my book so that we can chat further. Just you and me. You'll find more information on ghostwriting and publishing here than on any other website.

All you have to do is click.

Dream big.

Write a book.



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Only 4% of those who call themselves ghostwriters are qualified to write a book. If you're not familiar with publishing or online ghostwriting, you'll probably choose the wrong writer. Discover the realities of an industry that has no regulation or oversight. Download your free copy of How To Hire a Ghostwriter to gain valuable information and save thousands of dollars. Get an insider's view of a little-understood profession and the knowledge you need to select the right ghost.

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