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Let me explain why a ghostwriter's background is so important.

I've listed my credentials on this site and elsewhere to show why I'm qualified to be a ghostwriter. But why are past experiences so crucial? Why are advanced academic degrees so important? (My masters degrees are in English and Education.) Isn't it enough that a ghostwriter can write a book?

When in graduate school, it was mandatory that I learn how, when, where, and why an author composed a novel, short story, or poem. I had to dig deeply and learn what writers had tried to convey and whether they'd been successful or not.

In short, I had to find the marrow of a story, its bones, and the heart that pumped life into it. What style had the author used, and how had he created his characters?

You can't be a great writer if you've never studied what good writing really is. To practice the craft of writing, one must understand the craft from the inside out.

Stephen King was once an English teacher and was well-versed in the work of Poe, Hawthorne, and Lovecraft. As he says in On Writing, an author needs to read a lot and write a lot. That's what students of the language are required to do.

To study. To learn. To dissect.

I have the qualifications to write your book, qualifications that are matched by very few ghostwriters in the country.

So when do we get started?

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Dream big.

Write a book.



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