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Many people ask me to send them work I've written for other clients, especially samples of a similar nature to their proposed projects. Confidentiality, of course, prevents me from doing so, although there are many places to find my work (which I'll get to in a moment).

One man last year was rather offended by my inability to comply with his request until I asked him if I would be free, in the future, to send samples of the book he himself wanted me to write for him.

"Of course not," he replied.

Confidentiality is written into all of my contracts, preventing me from sharing your work with anyone else. That's the "ghost" in ghostwriting. Read on, however, because there are many ways you can sample the different types of writing I do.

How to Find Samples

First, I have an extensive list of writing samples right here on my website on my Writing Samples page. You'll find eighteen excerpts from books used by permission from my clients on a variety of nonfiction topics and genres of fiction. There is even a complete short story titled "Orphans" that was published in the prestigious Rose and Thorn Journal.

You may also see works I've edited, written, or ghostwritten on my Writing/Editing Credits page. Because of concerns relating to confidentiality, I can show only a small number of titles that I've worked on in the past twenty years, but the page contains a great sampling and is another good place to start.

You may also find sample excerpts form novels I've published under my own name by going to Amazon. The titles are listed below.

  • John Lennon and the Mercy Street Café
  • Street Magic
  • The Ghost of Richard Brautigan
  • Rimsky Rises
  • Circling Goes the Wind

Other titles on Amazon by "William Hammett" were not authored by me.

New titles will be added over the next year. Please note, however, that the prose in these titles varies from book to book since I am a cross-genre writer under my own name. The samplings on Amazon demonstrate that I can indeed paint on a broad canvas and that I know how to write full-length novels. The styles you find on Amazon, however, would not be those I would bring to your particular project. The ability to be a good ghostwriter mandates that the ghost be a bit of a literary chameleon, able to change colors according to the project at hand.

Other Information

Unlike most other ghostwriters, I maintain a robust web presence. As I've said on other pages, ghostwriting should be about transparency. If you Google William Hammett Ghostwriter, search results will point you to books, blogs, interviews, poetry, and the professional associations I belong to.

You may also read my Publishers Marketplace listing. Publishers Marketplace is a premier website where A-list literary agents, editors, and authors network and share information on the publishing industry.


Some clients graciously volunteer to act as references for past work I've done. While most people prefer to retain their confidentiality, I usually have one or two people willing to discuss work I've done for them.

You won't find a more transparent website on ghosts than this one, and you won't find a more transparent ghostwriter willing to share vital information about his work and the ghostwriting industry than me, William Hammett.

I welcome questions from those interested in hiring me to craft a great book. The submission form is at the bottom of the site, and my address is located elsewhere for those who choose not to you the form. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dream big.

Write a book.



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