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"William Hammett helped me shape my true crime book with invaluable developmental editing and suggestions. He's a talented professional who knows the publishing world well." ~ Susan Fensten, book publicist at FenstenPR and former publicist with Random House, Rizzoli, and Oxford University Press

"Bill Hammett did a great job editing my memoir, A Teacher Shoots Back, and we have remained friends for years. I highly recommend his services." ~ Gary Weart, author, teacher, and school administrator

"Bill wrote a series consisting of five thrillers for me, and the first sold 30,000 copies in less than a month on Amazon. I became a bestseller almost overnight. The other books went on to become huge successes as well.” ~ Mark. D.

"I had some notes on scraps of paper about the days I built resort hotels in Baja for celebrities and big game hunters and fishermen. Bill took these vignettes and crafted them into my memoir. John Wayne, Fred Astaire, and Jayne Mansfield – they're all in my book that Bill brought to life. Bill is aces in my book." ~ Lou Federico, author of One Hell of a Ride

"Many thanks, Bill, for all the hours of poring over my blogs, taking the stories, and getting them to read as one big adventure and always keeping my words and style intact." ~ David H. Beyda, MD, author of Border Crossings    (Note: Please click here to go to my Recent Projects page for more on Dr. Beyda's book.)

"I wrote a successful romance novel for a major publisher, but I didn’t have time to write and deliver the next two books in the series on schedule. William took my ideas and expertly executed my outline while using my own style. When it comes to writing a romance novel, no one compares to William Hammett." ~ Raven Willowbrook

"Bill helped me write four science fiction novels and together they received over two thousand favorable Amazon reviews in the space of two years. He had a firm grasp of the genre and delivered the goods." ~ Angus M.

"My fantasy novel needed a lot of work. William Hammett knew exactly how to retain the most important elements of my manuscript while eliminating repetitious passages and grammatical errors. I am extremely pleased with his work." ~ Lance B.

I looked at hundreds of online ghostwriting websites and talked to dozens of ghostwriters and ghostwriting companies. Then I found Bill Hammett, who didn’t sound like a used car salesman. He knew writing and publishing like no one else I had talked to. Most importantly, he was honest and connected with me immediately with candor and information that no one else had displayed. Trust me: This is the man you want to ghostwrite your book.” ~ Robert Reed, Esq.

"William Hammett did a fantastic job editing my middle reader and advised me on spots I needed to flesh out better. I'm very happy with his work." ~ Kateri Courtney, author of Welby and the Knobby King"

I used two other ghostwriters and a ghostwriting company before I found William Hammett. Nobody seemed capable of writing the platform book I needed for my business. William nailed the book on the first try.” Elliot Crown, CEO

My horror novel was over 200,000 words long and seemed to drag. I didn’t know how to fix it, but Bill trimmed the fat and brought the book down to 80,000 words without losing any of the main plot elements. After that, agents began to request excerpts from the novel. Hammett is a ghostwriter who delivers.” Ken S.

"I was willing to pay Bill Hammett thousands of dollars to rewrite my novel. He told me it only needed minor editing for a fraction of the cost. That's what I call honesty." ~ James R. Travers

"Bill took the time to speak with my agent in order to know what needed to be done to my nonfiction book. He gave me a personal touch that put me at ease through the entire writing and editing process." ~ Claire T.

"I paid twenty thousand dollars to a ghostwriting firm and was appalled at the poor writing and production values. Bill rewrote the text of my memoir so that it genuinely reflected my life, and he captured my own voice perfectly.” ~ Mary Ann D.

I tried using a ghostwriting company because I thought a corporate approach was naturally better, but I never knew who was in charge of my book. When I contacted William Hammett, there was no red tape or confusion. He handled my book from beginning to end and took the hassle out of the process.” ~ Cynthia G.

Mr. Hammett helped me write a book on the corruption in family law, custody hearings, and the judicial process as it related to divorce. I was amazed at how much he knew about my topic.” ~ Craig W.

 William Hammett

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