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For me, the written word is sacred. It should always be used to convey the truth regardless of the context in which it is used. But words can be evasive or be omitted from a conversation altogether in an attempt to avoid telling the whole truth.

I don't contend for a single minute that ghostwriting companies engage in any illegal activities whatsoever. They don't. What troubles me is that books are produced by proprietary business models that few people are aware of, not even clients or the subcontractors who actually write the books. Only the wizard and a few associates in the corner office know the full story behind the company and its website.

Fair enough. Most businesses have some form of proprietary model built into their incorporation. But a business model will never write a book. If it does, then we'll have reached Orwell's 1984, a time when language, symbols, and news are controlled by a minority. Content will be manipulated by a team approach.

If you want help in writing your book, don't you want to know the full story behind the writer or company you hire? Isn't transparency mandatory when it comes to being a custodian of the written word?

And for the record, I know most of the subcontractors employed by the ghostwriting companies. They don't work in a company office. If they're "on-staff," it's because they signed a contract that used that phrase, not because they are employees working in a corporate environment. In most cases, they are independent ghostwriters who have their own careers outside of the company.

I'm William Hammett, and I write books for a living. That's my business model.

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Dream big.

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